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Spiritual Counselling

Do you have special gifts such as psychic/mediumship skills? Or have you had unexplained or misunderstood spiritual experiences which have been causing you distress or confusion? You may feel that you may be judged or labelled 'mad' going to a counsellor with little or know knowledge of these subject matters. I have a wealth of training and experience and rest assured will create a safe space for you to recall, interpret your experiences and make sense of your feelings.

Spiritual/Psychic Counselling differs from conventional counselling in that the counsellor has strong understanding and experience of issues of a spiritual or psychic in nature. It contains all the elements of other counselling however may be guided intuitively sometimes incorporating meditation and other tools within the sessions. Although I may work intuitively the focus is on the client and the issues they present therapeutically rather than the offering of psychic guidance and advice.


Issues that may form part of the work are not limited to, but may include the following;

         *Clairaudient/clairvoyant   * Loss of identity     *Higher Self    *Connection with God     *Dream work/Nightmares    *StarSeeds

*Anxiety/Depression     * Soul Purpose     *Astral travel      *Spiritual Awakening    *Empathic & Healing issues    * Inner Child

 *Past Life Relationships      *Past Life/Karmic Contracts      * Exploring Life Purpose   *Psychic Attack 

 *Premonitions/Psychic ability   *Healing Processes/Crisis     *Attachment problems    *Energy system/Chakra work   

  *Spirit attachment/Release   *Soul Retrieval/Loss    *Divine Feminine/Masculine Healing   *Womb Healing

*Relationship breakdowns     * Social Isolation    *Paranoia    *Spiritual belief/Loss of Faith 

* Religion/Faith    *Spirit Guides    *Angels    *Extra Terestial Contact/Abductions  *House Haunting

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