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Are you an Employer offering Counselling Services to
employees as part of Employee Assistance Program?


Benefits include

*Happier, healthier staff creating more productivity and more positive work environment and working relationships.

*Staff retention- Reducing training and advertising costs

*Assisting staff back, reducing periods of absenteeism and turnover rates

*Productive way for you to assist employees with sensitive issues

*Show your an organisation that cares


  • Reduced Rates for organisations which is  based on how many sessions are booked within a year period.

  • Option to have sessions at your workspace (At least 2 clients in 1 day and within 10 mile radius) via Telephone or Zoom.

  • Work-based Supervision Services as an alternative to counselling

  • Access to a team of counsellors for businesses working with large numbers

View my competitive pricing plan HERE

Colleagues at Work

Work-based Supervision

(Non Clinical)

I offer my services as an external supervisor for individuals and organisations. I provide a safe, confidential and non judgemental space for you to explore any issues that are arising within your working life employing my counselling & supervision skills


Who is this for?

Individuals needing support may include Self Employed, Managers of Organisations or employees needing additional support. Clients I have worked with have included Managers of Drug Rehabilitation Centre, CEO of Businesses, Head of Well-Being at School, Self Employed Therapists and NHS Staff.


Regular Supervision (ie monthly) gives you the opportunity to discuss work issues to someone separate to the company who is able to offer an objective point of view. The service aims to 

  • Reduce stress in your working life

  • Exploring dynamics and working through any conflict between employees, management, service users, clients and patients.

  • Using the sessions to problem solve

  • Strengthen client/employee relationships

  •  Explore and make important decisions on any issues effecting work life

  • Bring your focus back, managing priorities and time

  • Goal orientated. Look at ways to improve your performance or that of company and working through any blocks to your success.

  • Managing personal issues that may be impacting your work or working relationships.

  • Gain a better home/work balance

Business Meeting

Supervision for Organisations

  • Support your employees in their working life and reduce conflict within the organisation.

  • Reduces Stress, absenteeism and staff leaving

  • Happier staff equals increased productivity

  • *Improve working environment and relationships

  • Get a clearer understanding of any issues that are impacting the growth of your business.

  • Implement new procedures and clearer idea of work based decisions.

Supervision Reports

As well as ongoing supervision support for you and your employees I offer a report reflecting back as what I see as being the main issues present within the organization. Included in this could be dynamics of relationships within staff, factors effecting stress and would also include recommendations going forward to reduce stress within the organisation.

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