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Holding Hands
Holding Hands

Relationship Counselling

Are you struggling within your relationship? Does your relationship feel like its breaking down around you? Arguments? Conflict? Indifference, lack of love or mutual Understanding? Relationship Counselling can support romantic couples and extend to dynamics that may include parent and child, siblings and recently separated couples working through closure.

Couples counselling is not without its challenges! Both people need to put in the work and complete transparency and at times alot of vulnerability make be required to achieve this. However the transformation for couples who do work together.......the stronger communication, rebuilt trust, higher levels of intimacy. I have seen couples close to giving up after infidelity only to say months later that it was the best thing that happened because it had brought them closer. Their relationship was stronger following the counselling process than it had ever been.

 I am a trained and experienced Relationship Counsellor who is able to work with couples to identify underlying issues within the relationship, facilitate the communication process and work with you both to achieve a stronger unit that acknowledges the needs of both people.

Issues that may bring you to counselling


*Communication breakdown


*Difficulties making decisions

*Cultural differences

*Blended Families


*Unequal Power dynamics

*Financial and work Issues

*Sexual and intimacy problems


*Family bereavements

*Parenting and issues around children

*Dealing with physical/mental illness

*Adapting to role changes

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Benefits of Relationship Counselling

*Better Communication  * Less Conflict  *Ability to resolve issues together  *Better understanding of each others needs  *Better understanding of triggers  *Increased Trust  *Healing *More loving relationship and deeper connection  *More intimacy *Develop greater understanding of each others communication styles  *Balance of power dynamic  *Reduced feelings such as anger, anxiety, sadness *More empathy for each other  *Bringing in compromise within the relationship  *Greater self awareness of own role within relationship *Making decisions together *Ability to see each others perspective *Achieve awareness of why things have occurred *Forgiveness * Changes such as renegotiation of commitments *Helps clarify and define your feelings for your partner/relationship

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